Hearing Aids

What’s new in hearing aid technology?


All of our hearing aids are digital and wireless and come with a free 30 day trial

What does this mean for you? It means that we are able to have more control over the hearing aid when programming. It also makes issues like “whistling” a thing of the past. Digital hearing aids offer you more automatic features and a better overall hearing aid experience. Wireless technology gives you the option to easily incorporate the use of accessories like a remote control or TV system to enhance your listening experience.


The made for iPhone hearing aid (HALO)

An exciting hearing aid that is compatible with the iPhone was introduced to the market this year. It allows an App on your iPhone to control your hearing aid. In addition to adjusting volume and programs, you can also create custom listening programs for your weekly coffee socials, meetings and church. You can talk on the phone through your hearing aids or use your cell phone as a microphone to stream directly to your hearing aids.



We have all styles of hearing aids available. Whether interested in a traditional in the ear (ITE) custom hearing aid, behind the ear (BTE) device or popular receiver in the ear (RIC) device, we have a device that will provide the appropriate sound while still being cosmetically appealing.


Unfortunately, hearing aids are often not covered by insurance. Medicare for one, does not cover hearing aids. There are some plans (Federal Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Medico) that do offer some hearing aid coverage. Since hearing aids are often an out of pocket expense, we offer several in house financing options to fit your needs.


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